you are in the right place if you…


edit your wardrobe and give bags of clothes to charity every season


have shopping sustainably on your mind


are ready to change your shopping habits


want to focus on investment pieces

Here’s the problem…

You want a wardrobe that leaves you feeling stylish & put together, no matter what you grab from it. But everywhere you look the answer is a capsule wardrobe. And there is something about a capsule wardrobe that you can’t get your head around. Maybe it’s because …

most people talking about capsule wardrobes have only neutral wardrobes

the thought of only wearing black & white (sometimes beige) steals your joy.

the idea of only owning a set number of items feels way too restrictive.

Well, you are not alone…

How can I help you!

When I wanted to downsize my wardrobe I really struggled. I felt that something was missing from the capsule wardrobe process. Like why do you have to pick between having a maximalist or minimalist wardrobe?

Especially when life is all about balance. That’s why I created my own signature #mixamalist system. It’s a system that focuses first on what you have. As we all know, the most sustainable wardrobe is what you already have.

Service 1: Virtual Wardrobe Edit

If you access to a laptop/ipad or any device that leaves your hands free then this is for you. Over the course of 2 zoom sessions we will work together to edit and organise your wardrobe. I will recommend what to keep, donate or tailor leaving you with a fully functioning wardrobe.


Style consultation & questionnaire

Workbook wardrobe prep

Tips on organising wardrobe

Access to virtual wardrobe

Pinterest board collab

Virtual wardrobe edit

Lookbook of 10 outfit combinations

List of wardrobe gaps

Investment: £450

Time: 2 x 90 min zoom sessions

Service 2: In Person Wardrobe Edit

If you are based in London and short of time then this service is for you. I will
come to your home and edit & organise your wardrobe. I will take with me any
pieces that need to be sold. Leaving you with a fully functioning wardrobe.


Style consultation & questionnaire

Workbook wardrobe prep

Wardrobe organisation

Access to virtual wardrobe

Pinterest board collab

Wardrobe edit

Lookbook of 10 outfit combinations

List of wardrobe gaps

Investment: £75o

Time: 5 hours

ADD ON SERVICE: Shoppable moodboards

This service is only available to clients who have been through the process of
editing their wardrobes with me. It removes the pressure to overhaul your
wardrobe overnight.


Each month a shoppable board of
items from your list of wardrobe

Video walk through explaining
recommended sizing

Outfit combinations mixing new
items with your old

Starting from £450

How It Works

1. Style Consultation

I want you to be able to picture what your personal style is, so we will begin with a style consultation. I will learn about your current lifestyle needs and pain points when it comes to getting dressed.

We will also talk about your personal and professional, and how that can be reflected in your style. Please note I will summarise what we discuss into key points that you can reference when you shop.

2. Wardrobe Edit

Using my signature #mixamalist system we will look at the core pieces of your wardrobe. What is considered a wardrobe basic or essential is really dependent on your lifestyle and the goals we set in the consultation.

Together we will decide what to keep and what to let go off whilst editing your wardrobe. This is where you will try on some pieces so we can decide what to keep, tailor, donate or sell.

It’s also a great way for me to highlight why some pieces suit you better than others. That way you know what to shop for and what to avoid. We will then edit out the pieces that no longer work for you.

Imagine being guided on what to keep, donate & sell and not worrying about making a mistake.

3. Shop Your Wardrobe

Then we will organise your wardrobe so that you can get more wear out of what you already have.

Just picture saving time in the morning when you get ready. All you have to do is look at your virtual wardrobe of 10 outfit combinations when you get stuck.

4. Identify Wardrobe Gaps

After we edit and organise your wardrobe it’s time to look at your wardrobe gaps. Those key pieces that will elevate your wardrobe and pull what you already own together.

Your wardrobe gap list will not have links to items as it’s important for you not to feel pressure to add things to your wardrobe.

But if you want monthly shoppable mood boards please book as an add on service.

“Dress For The Job You Want”


Edith Head

“There is no limit to what we, as women can accomplish”

Michelle Obama


12 questions to ask yourself before you shop

Have Questions?  I’ve got answers

What if i need to reschedule

Life happens and I understand that. Let me know 24 hours before our appointment if you want to reschedule or cancel.

What if I'm not based in London

That is not a problem, we can work together via Zoom, Facetime or Google duo. You need to be able to set up a laptop or Ipad so that your hands are free during our session.

I only want you to help me shop, why isn't that available as a standalone service?

It is available as an add on service because I don’t want to feed you for the day. I want you to be able to feed yourself. Sorry for the cheesy analogy but you need to understand how and why your wardrobe is the way it is so you don’t make the same mistakes again.

Plus I don’t want to provide a one size fits all service. And if I shopped with or for you without knowing what you have in your wardrobe that is what I would be doing.

I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes, do I need more than £1500 to shop with?

This is why we focus on what you have first and shopping is an add on service.

Adding to your wardrobe needs to be mindful, and that can only happen by taking our time.

I want you to feel supported and not rushed or pressured to just tick boxes of items you may need. It can take several months, even years to find the right pieces at a budget you are comfortable with.